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Back to you! I'm here guys.
Today I wanna talk to you about this cute beauty hack, bought some days ago and fast shipped.

It's a DermaRoller, a sort of MUST for me. It's a roll, and I read so much about it on the internet and trough different sites, also from other bloggers. So I get one, just to try it and know if it really works or "it's a legend".
When it arrives, the first thing you see it's the packaging, that seems like a medicine box, ugh,
But trough this, the inside it's a little better. The roll is inside a clear plastic case that's perfect in my opinion, super cute and elegant, and in contrast with the deep black plastic of the thing. 

So, opening this, there's what we are looking for. This DermaRoller is made up of plastic for the entire part, but it's perfect for being hold, so comfy.
In the end there's a cylinder that slide on the skin, full of needles, 540, in this case of 0.5 mm, super short. 

But let's talk to what's its use.
Probably lot of you thinks that's a torture machine, but no! It isn't!
It's just a beauty hack, I think. It can be used for the face skin or body skin in general (but I think that for the body it's better take needles from 1.0 mm and more). I read a lot of reviews from people that used this for wrinkles, stretch marks or just to get a better skin!

In fact, with all these needles that "pierce" the skin every time when we roll it, we create a sort of "micro scars". Yes, it hurts a little, but nothing extreme, it's just annoying!
So these little scars active in our bodies the production of Collagene, that's a incredible booster for our skin, like a natural medicine.
If you pay attention, in the most of natural cosmetics boxes like creams and face mask there's written that it contain collagene or collagene stimulant, maybe it say that will make you have a perfect skin.

I'm gonna use it on my stretch marks on my legs, and in the future I'll upload the results to show you it's really a miracle!

How to Use it it's very simple. You just need to let it in a bowl full of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, to disinfect it before and after the use. While, is enough slide it from the top to the bottom, from the left to the right and in diagonal for 10-15 minutes since your skin is a little red.
Use it like 2 times a week is the best thing, no more because your skin could not do the right work.

Here I'm gonna leave the link from the Amazon seller trough which I bought it!

Thank you for the reading, and leave a comment below!
Love, Mitchie Anemos.

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