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Hello there ♡ How are you?
I saw that you all liked my last post! I'm so happy for this. Today I'm here to propose an outfit, this outfit, that I wore all day! I enjoyed it, and I hope you'll like it like I did. ♡
 I think that the highlights of this outfit, are the trousers and the jacket.

I bought the pants last week, and they are a simple Palazzo pants, but I love the fabric, so soft and comfy! The color is different from these pictures, in fact it's more burgundy and less fire red.

The jacket is from Terranova, and when I bought it, it was a simple black leather jacket.
I personalized it writing on the back the known "One For The Road" inscription, from the Arctic Monkeys' namesake video.
For the top, I wore a simple striped shirt, with three-quarter sleeve and a boat neck. So, with an empty neck, I add a classic velvet chocker. 
Lately I saw velvet chockers and velvet in general going so much trought shops and fashion!

 In the end, on the bottom of everything, one of my favorite pair of shoes. The timeless 1461 by Docts, in black, with these cute socks, that have got a sparkling fabric, with some red and gold filaments, like the pants.
I hope you enjoyed this outfit, and that it'll inspire you. Below I'll leave all the link and references to buy everything.

♡Love you, 
Mitchie Anemos.

Jacket: Terranova
Shoes: Dr Martens
Chocker: Wish
Socks: Calzedonia

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