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Welcome back guys ♡ Sorry If I'm late, but nothing seems like things have to be right! Anyway, I'm here with one of my make ups. I know, I should posted it two days ago, but it doesn't matter at all! 

This make up is a news. I never used glitters before as I did this time! But first I'll show you what I used as you can buy the things you liked ♡

 (I really hope you enjoyed these pictures!)
So I decided to do a make up inspired to Valentine's day, using red shades and shines point.
For the eye base, I applied the Wet and dry Eyeshadow on all my eyelid, until the eyebrow, like a usual primer.
After I started with the red pigments, I took them with a Smokey Eye brush  blending it along the crease. For the eyeshadows, I used the scotch hack!!!

 After I intensified with a brown eyeshadow, this time I chose the darkest brown from the palette The Nudes by Maybelline. At the end, along the scotch, I added a little bit of black ♡
I did the same thing on the bottom of the eye: with a flat brush I blend the brown, and in the end the black.
I finished the look with a classic winged liner, and with a light point using the new Debby Glitter Eyeliner in the corner on the eye and under the black wing!

 Just mascara and white pencil, and you've done!
 I hope you liked this look! Here you are a picture of them on full face ♡

♡ Love you all,
Mitchie Anemos.

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