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 Good morning everyone! Here I am, back to write about my new babies! ♡
Saturday 21th Jenuary I opened my email box like I do every morning, and I found a mail by Amazon. And few minutes later I bought a new pair of shoes.
And I'm talking about this model of Vans!
They are the Vans Brigata in Desert Tribe, absolutely amazing. I falled totally in love! ♡
 The number is true, I took the 38EU/5UK/6US, and they are great. Maybe like all the Vans shoes, I reccomend to take half number up! (better than a pair of small shoes!)
Do you like them?

Here I leave the link to the instant buy on Amazon, from the post I bought mine.
At the time there's a super sale on number 36! Don't miss them!

♡Love, Mitchie Anemos.

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