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Some stars don't shine

FFFFinally back! Sorry guys for this little break but holidays means stop everything 😊
And don't forget that's began a new year, 🎉happy 2017!🎇

But now let's think about our favorite things: aaaah makeup♡♡
During this days my sister's friend gave her this cutie. I'm talking about the Naked Ultimate Basics by Urban Decay.
I think that everyone knows the great quality of all the products of this brand, and for this is super popular. If you never tried anything from this but you're undecided between all the eyeshadows palette of UD, this is probably the right choice. 

The packaging is super pretty, so elegant and strong, and like every UD palette, it shows all the nuances on the front. The dimension are quietly great, you can put it in your bag easily, and thanks to the mirror that's putted opposite to the principal face of the packaging, you won't need nothing more.

This palette is composed by twelve all matte colors, from the lighter and cold (Blow) to the darker (Blackjack). It's perfect if you are a nude colors lover, like me! ♡
And the most important thing: these colors are amazing on every type of skin, for both colors and texture!

My favorite colors are Instinct and Lethal! Maybe because are shades of pink??

And with every palette, there's the Naked blending brush with two sides, amazing.

Don't miss it! You can buy it from the official UD site from here or through Sephora that sells also UD things physically in its shops, but the price is the same.

And have you any UD product? How is it? Leave a comment below ♡
♡Love, Mitchie Anemos.

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