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 Good morning readers! ♡ These days I was offline because of the weather, and as you can see it snows so much, in my house there was no energy, and no internet connection.
But I took some picture for you, and today I'm here talking about LALALAB.

What is LALALAB.?
LALALAB. is the first printing app and website in Europe that allows you to print you pictures from your smartphone, Instagram or Facebook. In just a few clicks, have your best memories printed on the products of your choice and sent anywhere you'd like. 
In fact, you can choose trough a large gallery of product, like prints, magnets, photobooks, posters, canvas, postcards, phone covers and so much more! And you can print whatever you like.

The system is very simple, and is based around credits. In fact, with every order you will gain 10%. For example, with 15$ you will gaiN 1,50$ to spend in the next 3 months.
Use my DISCOUNT CODE to get 5$ off! The code is "PGIIFMT6".

 I order a LALABOX, that's a cute box that contains from 36 to 48 photos prints on photograph paper like old polaroids, absolutely amazing, and you can write something on them.
The box is very pretty as you can see on the first picture, and you can give it directly if you wanna make a gift.

 On Christmas, my best friend gave me these beautiful notebooks, because she knows that I love so much write and these little books are amazing.
So, a way to use a print is decorate the cover of a book or an agenda, also if that's a gift: it will be usefull and full of memories. The same thing is great if you are a great readers or you are just looking for a bookmark.
Nothing is better that one beautiful picture that reminds you a lot of thing. 

And if you are creative and craft lovers like me, you will love create DIY decorations for you room. In fact in this way you can do canvas full of picture, or prints on canvas.

How to miss the prettiest thing? The heart shape collage.

So I hope this could be a great idea for you, and I hope you like!
Dont't forget to use my special code to have 5$ off. The code is PGIIFMT6 !

♡Love, Mitchie Anemos.

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