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 Hello girls! ♡ Finally I got my hair back again! And today I'm here talking about my favorite beauty products for my hair wellness.
So many people asked me what kind of hair dye I use, if I do my self, and other things about the products!
If I have to say something that I really enjoyed on my hair, I will say surely the Goldwell's Elumen. ♡
I tried them for the first time two years ago, when I dyed my hair black.  If you know me, I dyed my hair so much time, that if I had use supermarket's hair colors, now my hair are absolutely died!
But thanks to Goldwell, my hair are really amazing and healthy!

Goldwell's Elumen are made up by 10 different vibrant colors, that mixed up between each other compose stunning shades. And thanks to this possibility, I colored my hair, not more pink but mixing the pink Pure PK with the Pure VV.
In fact, my hairstylist (and I have to say her a big thanks!), took 3 bowl: in the first she putted only the PK; in the second one part of PK and one of VV; and in the last one part PK and two of VV.

Before the treatment (10 weeks after the last pink dye).
After the treatment.

I'm so happy to have now a Goldwell hair. And you? Have you ever tried there amazing products?
If you are interested, also on ebay you can find these hair dye, and the price is near at 40-50€ every 200ml.

Hope to liked you! ♡
Mitchie Anemos.

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