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Travel Fever

Don't worry, don't worry: I'm alive! 😷
These days I was away, and for this reason I didn't write anything here on the blog. But now I'm back!
Some days ago I left, and I went in the northen Italy, in particularly near Milan. 
I stayed there three long days, and wow, the temperature was really low, something between -2° and 0°, constantly. 😰 
For this reason I got sick: cough, fever, sore throat, headache. Yes, I was in pieces, as I'm now, because nothing changed yet. 😔
But when I went in Milan I took some pictures and I wanted to share with you!

Because of the cause described above, I spend so much time in the hotel, and I didn't see much. 
But in spring I'll go back in this huge and pretty city, and I can't wait to write more and better about Milan! (and do more shopping......)
♡Love, Mitchie Anemos.

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