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Merry Christmas guys ♡
Finally this day, waited every year so long, arrived!
Now here is night, one step closer from 26th, one step from dinner. And I'm here, on my armchair in front of my sparkly tree thinkin' about what was this day for me.

First of all, when I think about Christmas it's obvious that comes to mind the tree. 
Every year this ritual: go down into the cellar to get that box on which there are now 30cm powder. And you have to spend the entire morning adorning the fir in the best way, promising yourself that you'll change something, that "it will be different from last year!" 😼

...aaaand no.
It'll look like exactly as every time. 😂
But that's it should be, and it's a tradition, and we accept it.
Anyway, this year I felt Christmas less that other years, maybe because today we were six sitted around the table and not seven, but that's another topic.

If I have to say something funny, I would say that under my tree I never imagined to found 7 kilograms of Nutella. And the best part of all of this is that I don't like Nutella!
Anyway, this year this day was a little crazy, but I liked it. My boyfriend gave me a cute silver bracelet with a pretty bell, and I'm thinking to do a lookbook with it.

This morning I get a call from a person, about a project, and I really hope to talk you about it, but for now, I say no more!
♡ Love, Mitchie Anemos.

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