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Shades of autumn

Hello there! ♡ How are you?
Today I wanna talk about make-up, and this period I'm using a lot lipsticks: I think that they are the perfect accessory if you wanna look elegant or more feminine. 
So I thought I collect my favorite colors of this season to make a collection, to show you and suggest you some ideas to get inspired. ♡

When I think to autumn I imagine dry leaves, red, brown and orange all around, and hot 'n' cold alternated. So I took that colors that reminds me these landscapes. 

♡ The lighters  
The first color I shown you is the Kiko Shine Lust no.11: a gloss super pretty, soft and gentle. It's not a long lasting, so it goes away easly. But you can always carry it with you.
In the fifth place we have the Essence Long Lasting no.06: this one is not a gloss, but the classic lipstick, not matte not glossy. I like it for its nude color, and also the texture is great. I use to wear it with a veil of powder on.

♡ Mediums 
In this category I put all these colors that you can wear if you wanna focus on your lips. In fact, we have the most colorful. They are everyone from Kiko, and some of them are news, from the new collection (that I love!!!)
Matte Muse no.02: is cute in its packaging, looking like a nail polish. The color is super pigmented, and this shade remind me of stawberries. Stays a lot!
Velvet Passions: I got two of this line. They are great, but I think that the darkest is difficult to put on. The textures are okay, lightly metallized.
Long Lastings Unlimited Stylo no.02: This. Is. Certainly. My. Favorite. I love this color, it's super matte and is a super super super long lasting. You can eat, drink, wash your teeth, and it stays. PLEASE TRY IT!
Double Touch no.103: This one is a lip tint, and for this reason it's a long lasting too. And you can have problems to take it off... BUT the great is the matte texture and the 'built-gloss', so you can choose!
Gossamer Emotion no.105: New collection, new surprise. It's one of the colors that I'm very very happy to wear. it makes you feel great. This shade is a mix between red-orange-brown, I don't know. But you have to try! Great endurance.

♡ The Darkest 
The last two: the NYX Lingerie in Teddy and the Kiko Velvet Passion no.319.
We already talked about this Kiko line, so let's talk about NYX.
NYX has become famous for the Lingeries, and I didn't understand why 'till I bought one. Teddy is a great brown, pigmented, matte, and comfy. It stays, but it spreads everywhere. So you have to put it on frequently. But I like it, and I think I will buy more colors.

And what's your favorite? Suggest me one! ♡
This is the eye-make up that I use with these colors!

♡ Love, Mitchie Anemos. 

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