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Hello everyone ♡ How are you?
Today I wanna talk about ASOS, a website through which you can buy a lot of super cute things signed ASOS and other famous brands.
For exemple, this is my new backpack I bought on this site. ♡

It s by DCShoes, and I saw it a log time ago. It's the grind one, so with two holders for the frames of the skateboard.
The inside is so large and wide, with the special space for a pc, pens holder and two spaces for water bottles or others.

Usually the price of this backpack is between 60€ and 70€, and on ASOS I paid it 35€! Super offer! ♡
The ASOS service was absolutely amazing. ♡ I contacted the assistence a lot of time to ask something more, and they replied me back after two days, quietly speedy. And absolutely complete because it's not automatic assistence: behind the screen there's a real person that understand the problem.

For the shipping, it's free over 24€, so I didn't paid anything. And the backpack comes in 7 days!

And you?  Have you ever buy anything from ASOS? If yes, what?
Tell me with a comment below!
♡Love, Mitchie Anemos,

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