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 What's better than a warm sweater? An hot hug that walks with you all the day.

♡ Good evening souls. How are you?
Today I'm here to show two of my faves from my collection of sweaters. Initially I wanted to make an haul, but there's really too much to show.

Soooo,  here you are the first. It's from H&M, and I bought it exactly one year ago.
It's so soft and comfy, and with its baby light blue is perfect, super cute and pretty.
I paid for it less than 20€, money well spent.

The collar is one of my favorite thing about this sweater. Ermined of two layers of fabric, is so so so soft and looks so cute. I really enjoyed this choice. ♡
The only bad thing, is just the material. This fabric lacks, and usually you have to put some wire inside.
And here you are the second overture: a fluffy creamy sweater! 

I saw some famous shops, and this year fluffy things as pillows and fluffy clothes like hoodies, skirts and coats goes a lot.
This one is from Pimkie, but I saw that is no longer available. 🙁
 This one is longer than the other, here you have some pictures.

 Just to don't leave you without references, I searched for something similiar, and I found these cute sweaters that is worth watching:

What do you think about? Are you fluffy addict too?
Tell me more leaving a comment below!

♡Love, Mitchie Anemos.

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