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 Hi guys! ♡ How are you?
Today I'm here to show you these candies! 🍬
Last night I dreamt about braids and bows, and this morning I looked like something like Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz (Or a 'princess' or 'doll', like my friends said to me!)
I made this hairstyle just braiding my hair in two classic braids, and closing them with two pretty ribbons 🎀
Aren't they absolutely cute?
Or maybe... bow-tiful!
Here you are some exemples of some celebrities having worn this hairstyle!

•The super famous instagrammer Kylie Jenner in her beautiful rainbow hair!

•Two women, Kim K and Cristina Pedroche!
Leona Lewis that shows how great are braids with shatush!

• And the incredible voice of Ariana Grande, always so cute.

So, braids are the perfect hairstyle, that saves all of us from every emergence.
And what's your favourite way to do them?
Let me know leaving a comment below!

Mitchie Anemos.

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