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Blending Stars

Hello there! ♡
Today I wanna show you my burgundy makeup. It's quietly simple, so you can do it easily.

Here you are all the products I used:
MAC eyeshadow that my best friend gave me, and I tried it today.
If you wanna know more, or buy it, click here!
I really love this kit, I don't have to say something, everyone of us knows why MAC is so amazing!

WYCON Cosmetics Multidimensional Mascara
Okay, soon I'll write an entire post about this.
Wycon Cosmetics sent me this kit, for the new Christmas collection Snow Diva, and this Mascara is one of the best things in the world. I really liked it, and I'm pretty sure that if you try it, you'll never change. ♡
Anyway you can buy it here, and together you'll receive the new pointball eyeliner!
•KIKO lipstick Velvet Passion n.319 (Chocolate)
I've already talked about this lipstick, if you didn't read it, here you are the post
And the link for the instant buy.
♡ Sooo, I hope you liked it, and that's how I worked with eyeshadows:
I used the number 1 (Pappyseed) on the whole of the upper eyelid blending it wit the number 3 (Sketch), adding some 4 (Embark) where I wanted more dark, in the crease.
In the end, I used number 3 (Star Violet) where 1 and 3 met, that's shimmer and a light point.
Ending with a black cat eyeliner, write you soon, 
Mitchie Anemos. ♡

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