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I'm back kids! ♡
Yes, kids. Because today I'm gonna show you something that reminds me of when I was young, when I was a little girl, and I used to wear cute socks, with laces or others.
As I already wrote, I'm an art student, and I read a lot about great artist and I loved them. One of my favorites is Van Gogh, and how not to love the famous Starry Night?
I searched the internet something about it and I came across HotSox website.

What's HotSox?
Hotsox is the original fashion socks brand that specializes in unique blends of pop-culture and art. You can find classic patterns like Mona Lisa, Starry Night and The Scream, and lastest fashion, crazy designs or unique dress socks.

I got this kind in the classic blue and the Birth Of Venus in lilac. I usually use to wear them with this pair of black jeans, and the classic Dr Martens model 1461.
The price is $8.00 for the Women's size and $12.00 for the Men's size.
What do you think about them? Aren't they special? ♡
Write me below if you got some HotSox pair and which you have!

♡ Love, Mitchie.

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