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Hello there!

Hello there! I'm Silvia, or better, Mitchie Anemos. I'm a girl from Italy, I'm 16 and I love all these things that includes fashion, style, travel, make up, care and lifestyle.
So I opened a blog, to write about this, and to make sure to write everything, so all of you can know. 
It's also a diary: I write about the places I go, so you can make an idea.

About myself, I'm born on 8th February 2001, and I was inclined to art and creativity since the first day. So I took an high school of Arts, and right now I'm studying Fashion and Fashion Design.
In the future I'd like to have a place in my world, I'm talking about beauty. I dream about become a professional make-up artist, work on myself to be maybe a photomodel, and who knows, maybe a stylist.

Why "Mitchie Anemos"?
"Mitchie" is my nickname, it came out from strange events. It sounds nearly like my surname, so here it is. "Anemos" is a greek word, it means Breath or Soul, and it's got a real important meaning for me.

Here you are below all my social contacts:
 Silvia Miccoli          

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