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Hi guys, I'm back!
Today I'm here to talk about my new purchase, my first real pair of sunglasses! Yes, because I never had got a real pair, or something that I liked, that was great on my face.
I bought it with Black Friday sales! I chose a RayBan sunglasses, and the name of this model is 'Round'. I really falled in love with this pair since the first time I saw it, months ago! 
Anyway, →here← you find the instant buy for the model I have got! You can see that the original price is €189,00, and thanks to Black Friday sales, I got them for less than €100!

Below you can find some dupes that I think are amazing if you don't wanna spend a lot of money!

HM Sunglasses (€7,99)

EYEBUYDIRECT Sunglasses (29,00 + lens)

If you know other dupes, please let me know! Leave a comment below!
♡ Thank you so much,
Mitchie Anemos.

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